Core Values

We believe that the Great Commandment’s and Great Commission of Jesus define the mission of the church and are what drive and encourage us to make disciples.
A genuine love for God is always the first priority. Then to show our neighbors the love that God has shown us comes naturally as we invite them to become a part of the Kingdom of God.

We believe that every member is a minister who has been given spiritual gifts to be discovered, developed and deployed.
As disciples we are gifted to build the Kingdom of God. Each believer will find their greatest joy and fulfillment when serving in their spiritual gifts and passion. Every believer is created for ministry, gifted for ministry, and needed for ministry.

We believe that God’s Word is the foundation for all that we believe and for everything that we do in ministry.
The Bible is the lamp and light to guide us through this life, draws us into close relationship with God and to prepare us for ministry. God’s Word will always take priority in all that we do in light of our mission.

We believe that God is worthy of our very best. 
Therefore, a growing spirit of excellence should saturate every thing we do. Not perfection, but excellence with consistent evaluation and a willingness to improve for the sake of the Kingdom of God are distinctive of growing ministries.

We believe in the doctrine and teachings of the Church of God (Cleveland, TN).
It is scripturally sound to be under spiritual authority and to obey those over you in the Lord. While our congregation has its own personality and is free to minister with its own spiritual flavor we adhere gladly to the policies and doctrine set forth by our denomination. 

We believe that the Bible clearly teaches us to live holy lives and so we are a holiness church.
We will seek to live holy lives that please God by living a life that imitates the example that Christ left us. We will stress the need for integrity, humility, self-control, and godly living by those who follow Christ.

We believe that God is pouring out His Spirit in these last days as He did on the Day of Pentecost and therefore we are Pentecostal church.
The Holy Spirit is working in this present day and filling believers with His power. It is through the Holy Spirit that we are empowered to make disciples. It is also through the Holy Spirit that we are able to operate in the gifts of the Spirit to supernaturally edify the body of Christ.

We believe that grace through faith in Jesus Christ is required according to God’s Word. The Bible teaches us that without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith is what saves us from a lifestyle of sin and brings us into a personal relationship with God. This same faith helps us to live holy lives, fills us with the gift of the Holy Spirit, brings healing to our physical bodies and brings alive the reality of the return of Jesus Christ to establish his eternal kingdom. 

We believe we are a part of the Kingdom of God. Jesus taught that He would establish His eternal kingdom here on the earth when He returned. Until that time we are to live our lives as citizens of that Kingdom here on the earth awaiting His return. We are citizens of a kingdom yet to come and the Kingdom of God is within us. This kingdom is a kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. It is a kingdom of established authority with Christ as King and His delegated leadership.